Indigenous Affairs and Community Engagement

Pan Pacific’s values - Compassion, Integrity, and Empowerment - ensure a long-term perspective in negotiations, legal analysis, and community engagement.  We tend to discourage short-term victories which come at the expense of long-term success, peace, order, or good government.

Our work typically involves cases where the fast-changing world of Indigenous law has created uncertainty in governance issues, land ownership, constitutional rights, or other matters.

As Member of Parliament, Mr. Weston represented three First Nations, each advanced in self-government, economic, and other initiatives.  His skills in Indigenous and Constitutional Law were also honed in his work for the Provinces of BC and Quebec, when Canada took control over its own Constitution from the Parliament of the United Kingdom.  His expertise in Indigenous Affairs also reflects his experience as Member of Parliament on the Caucus Advisory Committee to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs.  In acting for Nisga’a elders in a high-profile constitutional case, he was given the Nisga’a name Ama Dax Gadum Algahum Skag (“Talking Eagle”).

Our Indigenous Law Practice includes matters relating to:

  • Governance
  • Land claims
  • Specific Claims under the Indian Act 
  • Human rights
  • Investment on lands affected by Indigenous claims
  • Interaction of investors and lands affected by an Aboriginal claim