Government Relations and Community Engagement

Individuals, companies, and non-profit enterprises rely on our broad experience in dealing with foreign governments and domestic ones - local, provincial, and federal governments, and First Nations. Depending on the case, the parties, and the issues, the work may be “legal work” or “consulting work”.

We are  involved in helping clients resolve conflicts that unfold in two or more countries, sometimes under two or more legal systems and in two or more languages.  

One of our specific areas of expertise is in assisting families or groups to win justice and fair treatment for loved ones incarcerated overseas.  Our work in this area has involved governments in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and The Mideast.  John’s article Getting Out of Foreign Jails has been circulated widely.  

Other examples of our work include:

  •   Setting a strategy to deal with a foreign government or other related organization to ensure the safety, fair treatment, and release of persons incarcerated in foreign countries;
  • Assisting professionals to deal with their professional associations;
  •  Assisting people to assess their eligibility for public office;
  • Working with non-profit organizations in strategy planning, with a focus on achieving best outcomes from government;
  • Coordinating the media strategy to reinforce a government relations or public relations campaign;
  • Developing the fundraising strategy to support other aspects of the government relations campaign.

Communications is key to your success in working your way through any high-stakes problem.  Sometimes the best strategy is… silence.  But even silence has to be well considered and properly packaged.