On! Achieving Excellence in Leadership

Mr. Weston’s 2017 book On! Achieving Excellence in Leadership is available at amazon.ca, Kindle, and Kobo. On! explores the values that help us reach beyond our immediate environments — family, the community, and even the country — to make a lasting impact. Drawing on his experience in political, legal, and business worlds, he argues that true leaders can best achieve excellence by embracing Freedom, Responsibility, Equality, Compassion, Courage, Integrity, Fitness, and Resolve. 

From the rough-and-tumble world of partisan politics in Ottawa to the delicate diplomacy of hostage negotiations in the Mideast, from Justin Trudeau’s optimistic appeals for inclusivity to Donald Trump’s abrasive dismissal of criticism, John reinforces his arguments with insightful lessons on effective leadership. Along the way, he finds inspiration in triumph and failure, passes on the advice of philosophers, mentors and colleagues, and emphasizes the traits he believes are essential to building a worthy legacy.