Our founder John Weston is widely regarded as a leader in advising on cases that involve a combination of Law, Government Relations and Indigenous Affairs, areas in which he has excelled for over 35 years.   

His national achievements include serving as a Member of Parliament for two terms, stoutly advocating for the people he represented, at home and abroad.  He is a lawyer with credentials in three jurisdictions - British Columbia, New York, and the Law Society of England & Wales.  He has both national and international experience with Canadian and global law firms, supporting individuals, non-profit organizations, communities and corporations. 

In his 35-year professional career, Mr. Weston has mastered the art of negotiating, communicating and building relationships within the context of managing and resolving complex problems.  While his legal background is diversified, his passion has always been a highly honed focus on advancing issues of fairness and human rights and helping others in difficult situations.   In his two terms as a Member of Parliament with numerous roles and responsibilities, he gleaned exceptional insight into the working of the Canadian Government, its systems, processes, agencies, and most importantly, its people and leaders.

John’s academic background includes studies at Harvard and Osgoode Hall Law School, in government, international relations, law, and languages.  He is fluent in English, Mandarin, and French, and has capacity in other languages.  His experience includes representing clients in cross-border conflict resolution and business negotiation, high-profile constitutional and Indigenous law matters, founding the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and advocating for families with a loved one incarcerated in another country, in Asia, Latin America, the Mideast, and Africa.